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  • Ink Cartridges & Toners
  • Printers
  • Scanner, Biz Card Scanner, Projectors

    Buy Scanners Online at officesg.com

    A scanner or in computing terms, an image scanner yet another revolutionary optical device that can instantly make a digital copy of an object, a photograph, a document or even handwritten notes. With an expansive field of usage, the scanner is most often a mandatory feature in any office or a place that deals with documentation. The capability of the scanner to make a digital copy, when clubbed with a simple desktop printer makes the entire unit function like a photocopy device, proving extremely useful in a variety of situations.

  • Dect Phones, Conference Phone, Mobiles

    Buy Landline Telephones Online At Officesg.com
    Even though mobile phones have become immensely popular, telephones are still indispensable. An indispensable communication tool, landline phones have not lost their importance and are used both domestically and commercially. The landline phones of today are a result of decades of technological progress and innovations. At Officesg.com, you can browse an extensive range of landline phones for commercial use. There are many corded and cordless phones on offer from reputed brands.
    Whether you are using a traditional telephone, a cordless phone, or are looking for something that is unconventional, explore the collection here to find a phone that is just right for you. Take your pick from classic landline phones to trendy models in various colours to find a phone that will complement your office décor and fit your budget.

    Corded and Cordless Telephones
    The steadily rising popularity of mobile phones has not diminished the appeal of landline phones. A reliable choice that does not have to be recharged every day, modern landline phones are feature-rich and good to look at too. Easy to install and maintain, Officesg.com has various types of phones, including corded-cordless combos, conference phones and those that can be mounted on a wall. Choose a model with soft touch buttons or select a cordless phone with features like caller ID and an address book. An IP phone is something to consider too. Stylish and sleek, the telephone models available here are available in colours like black, white, blue, brown, green, grey, red, purple, silver, and more. The ergonomic designs provide a comfortable grip which makes landline phones ideal for users.
    Most of the landline phones from popular brands come with a manufacturer’s warranty and the phones are quite pocket-friendly too. To stay connected round the clock, buy landline telephones online at Officesg.com.

  • Storage - CD, DVD, USB, HDD, Cards

    Explore Data Storage on Officesg.com

    Officesg.com offers wide range of flash drives, external hard disk drive and cd. You can now store more than 1TB of movies, pictures, music and other data by exploring our external hdd. Pen drives are compact and easy to carry; whereas External Hard Drives provides you more storage capacity. Officesg.com helps you browse storage devices by department, capacity, price and brand. You can also check bestsellers and new releases or read customer reviews to make the right choice.

  • Laptops, Laptop Accessories

    Laptops give you the tools you need to work or play from almost anywhere, and the best laptops deals from the top brands like HP Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, ASUS and Acer are easy to find at Officesg.com because of our great selection. We have an impressive variety of Netbooks and Ultrabooks, plus top gaming & touch screen laptop computers for sale. Our amazing new laptop computer deals will save you money and we offer the lowest prices on refurbished models as well.

    Business Operations
    Productivity suites and software make it easy to get work done from anywhere with a wireless Internet connection. Stay connected with coworkers and collaborate on important business deals in a few simple clicks on your business laptop. These versatile computers also make teleconferencing and mobile presentations quick and simple.

  • Desktops, Monitors, All in One

    Desktop computers deliver the latest advancements for fun and entertainment or quick business calculations, communication and inventory tracking. These effective tools are equally valuable in a busy office or any room in your home. Modern computers pack exceptional power in a compact form. Whether you need to surf the web, email, finish up some schoolwork, keep track of your home finances, or crunch some numbers for your business, Officesg.com has an excellent selection of desktops, computer monitors, and accessories to fit your needs. Search by brand, processor speed, hard drive size, memory, and more to find the option that fits your needs.

  • Keyboard, Mouse, Cleaning kit, Headsets

    Maximize work efficiency by adding accessories such as webcams, external keyboards, mouse, speakers and headsets to your workspace. Be ready to go wherever your job leads you with travel adapters and other laptop accessories. Protect your computer from overheating, dust, and other damage.
    Mouse and keyboard
    Whether you’ve just purchased a new computer or you’re trying to make your work station more ergonomically correct, mice and keyboard combos are the quickest and most cost-efficient way to get set up and ready to go.

    1. Wireless and corded options: The latest in long-lasting wireless or wired technology from top names like Microsoft or Logitech.
    2. USB ready: Just plug the transceiver into the USB interface and you’re ready to go.
    3. The best in laser technology: Choose an optical mouse for laser precision and hyper fast speeds.
    4. Technology that works with your body: From concave keys to fit your natural finger positions to a touch mouse with easy scrolling.

  • Mac Accessories
  • Solar Power
  • Misc